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DS2200 S   $199.99
DS2200 TR    $179.99
SA 3000   $179.99
MTT 3600  $399.99       12" BAR
MT 3500 14" $200
MT 3750 14" $250
MT 4100 16" $290
MT 4400 16" $320
MT 4400 18" $330
MT 5200 18" $400
MT 5200 20" $410
MT 6500 20" $640
MT 6500-24" $650


The efco PTX 2700 professional pole pruner was designed specifically for pruning and thinning all types of trees. The PTX 2700 provides the best combination of performance and reliability.
• Precise cutting with adjustable pruning head. (0 to 90 Degrees)
• Telescoping pole that extends up to 12'5" of overall length. No tools required.
• Conveniently located air purge for cold starts.
• All aluminum clutch housing for reduced weight, while increasing strength and reliability.
• Transparent fuel tank makes it easy to check fuel level.
• Comfortable and rugged rear handle with easy reach controls.
• Wide discharge chute on pruner head for chip expulsion.
• Internal sliding supports and spring spacers for reduced noise and vibrations.

EFCO is one of the top three European manufacturers of handheld products and a global leader of innovative outdoor power equipment.  We offer consumers a complete, versatile and dependable line of products while continually developing new models and products.  All backed by a strong global company with industry leading warranties and quality products.
Emak, manufacturer of efco power equipment, is based in Northern Italy - an area known for advanced engineering and production of the world''s most high performance automobiles and motorcycles. Emak as one of the largest global manufacturers in the outdoor power equipment business..
Emak USA is proud to offer our Five Year, No Fear Warranty on all new efco® products. Emak USA warrants its products to be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and maintenance.